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What Are the Disadvantages of Short-Term Investing?

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While you can make money quickly with a short-term investment strategy, it can entail significantly higher risks. In addition to greater potential risk, there are other disadvantages to short-term investing.

Short-term capital gains are taxed differently than long-term capital gains. Short-term earnings are taxed at your regular federal income tax rate. If, for example, you are in the 28 percent tax bracket, your short-term profits will be taxed at 28 percent. The rates for long-term capital gains are lower.

Another disadvantage to short-term investing is that it's not always possible to earn profits in a short period.

Holding onto your investments for only a short while can also incur other expenses. For example, you may be charged higher brokerage commission fees. In addition, if you are a speculator, you will have to pay many more transaction costs for all that active trading, thus reducing your returns. Inflation can also be a concern, especially with securities such as short-term bonds.

Another disadvantage to short-term investing is that it's not always possible to earn profits in a short period. Many investments may fall in the short term but grow steadily over the long term with increasing returns.

Even if you're lucky enough to make gains on your short-term investment strategy, remember that you will have to subtract taxes and transaction costs to determine your true profits.

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Investment Analysis & Portfolio Design

Not only do your investment strategies need to align with your goals, they should also work within your risk-tolerance level. We take all this into account when we perform our extensive portfolio review, while also figuring in your specific time horizon, investment objectives, tax efficiency and inflation impact. We also design, implement and monitor your portfolio.

Pre & Post Retirement Planning

Prior to retirement the primary questions are always, "When can I retire?" and "Will I have enough money to last my lifetime?" After retirement, the determination of how and when to withdraw money from savings becomes the focus, so as not to outlive the nest egg.

Education Funding

With rising college and education costs requiring a significant amount of resources, it’s essential to identify the most effective ways to save. We can help you make sense of the educational funding options available to you, by comparing 529 plans, Coverdell IRA, Uniform gift to Minors Act, Roths, and more to see what works best for you. We’ll also consider debt restructuring through home equity or refinance, TSA loans or qualified plan, life insurance options and other strategies.

Insurance Analysis

While no one can predict the future, it’s important to be prepared for possible contingencies down the road. We can work with you to calculate income replacement needs required by your family, dependents or business and then review all the insurance options available to you, including disability, term, universal and whole life policies.

Estate Planning

With any good estate plan, the goal is to not only to build the estate, but to protect the assets for your own use and to provide peace of mind and security for your loved ones. That requires a thorough review your estate plan, and a discussion of living trusts and wills, plus beneficiary designations on accounts and their implications. Then, we can recommend strategies for asset protection and the transfer of wealth, including but not limited to long term care, insurance analysis and charitable gifting.

Financial Goals Assessment

The first step with any financial plan is to evaluate your financial state and identify goals and priorities, and then organize them into a mutually agreed upon plan of action. Your risk tolerance is also considered, along with strategies to address the requirements of your plan, including the impact of any upcoming life transitions.

Retirement Plan Services


We provide a deep level of personalized service and offer an extensive list of retirement plans, including:

  • Defined Contribution Plans
  • Defined Benefit Pension Plans
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans
  • Profit Sharing Plans

One size does not fit all:

  • We provide complete solutions, or integrate targeted solutions into an existing plan.
  • We take the guessing out of finding the best solotuion for your circumstances by providing consulting services to assist your business.

Health & Wellness

You are very aware that controlling healthcare costs is one of the biggest challenges you face as an employer, but we can help you in identifying simple and smart solutions. Offering quality, affordable healthcare plans to your employees requires a coordinated effort involving your company, your employees and an experienced benefits partner. Healthcare claims are the biggest driver in increasing overall costs. When you reduce claims, you reduce premiums and the overall costs of healthcare.
Our Solutions Include

  • EFFICIENT PLAN DESIGN - We assist companies in the evaluation of options to find the health plan that works best for them.
  • HSA AND HSAmSM - We offer flexible, portable Health Savings Accounts that accumulate tax-free funds to pay qualified out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. Companies have the choice of making discretionary (HSA) or matching (HSAmSM*)contributions, similar to a 401k. Our plans help reduce costs by encouraging consumerism in employee healthcare spending.
    *You must have an established Cafeteria Plan under Code Section 125 to provide employer matching contributions.
  • PREVENTION AND WELLNESS - Unhealthy groups can pay twice as much for health insurance than healthy groups. Our approach includes preventive exams, workplace health screenings, wellness education, and personal health assessments.
  • E-HEALTH AND TELEMEDICINE - We give employees quick, easy and cost-efficient access to board-certified doctors, licensed psychologists, nurses and an on-line searchable educational video library.
  • TOOLS TO HIRE HEALTH-MINDED EMPLOYEES - Personality and personal values profiling helps identify and retain employees most likely to embrace an emphasis on wellness.

Our overall goal is to improve the health of employees, which not only reduces healthcare claims and costs, but also cuts absenteeism, all of which contribute to an improved bottom line for your company. 

Benefits Communication & Education

We coordinate comprehensive communications programs to introduce new benefits to employees, address their concerns and ensure they get the most from their plan.  We create custom presentations that deliver the key points to ensure comprehension of the benefits your organization provides.
Our programs are supported by tools to reduce administrative time and costs, including:

  • EDUCATION AND COMMUNICATION TOOLS - Our print, online and on-site education programs explain details, encourage wellness and promote change.  
  • ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS - We take benefits research, paperwork, education, enrollment and training off your desk.  

We work closely with clients in a coordinated communicaton effort.  We also offer custom educational materials and on-site, telephonic and webinar enrollment services, taking much of the burden of your annual open enrollment off your shoulders. 

Common Remitter and Consolidated Billing


A common remitter service is available for single person entities, companies, organizations, and agencies, small and large.

The service we install handles all payments, credits, corrections, additions and terminations on any benefit plan with any vendor or carrier.

You can count on the following benefits of having Zuk Financial Group install a common remitter service

  • One enrollment form for all benefit elections.
  • One billing statement for all benefits.
  • One contact for all your enrollment and eligibility questions.
  • Management of your vendors to ensure your enrollment is accurate and up-to-date at all times. 
  • No lost premium due to inaccurate enrollment.
  • Management of the underwriting process for members electing voluntary benefits that requires such action.
  • Assistance in filing death claims.
  • Assistance in filing disability claims.
  • Making your benefits management more efficient.

Ancillary Benefits

We install  a variety of additional benefit services to complement and enhance your existing packaged offerings.  


Our additional benefits include:


Life insurance plans

Administration of group life insurance plans such as basic employee group term life and various elective employee, spouse and child(ren) options.

Long-term disability insurance plans

Management and marketing of long-term disability insurance plans including management of existing plans, new plan development, enrollment activities, plan documents, claims and billing services.

Retirement plans

We can manage, market and enroll employees in a company’s retirement plans.

EAP, employee benefit surveys and wellness programs

Employers are increasingly recognizing the importance of additional benefit and support programs to retaining employees and keeping them healthy and productive.  We can help design, manage, administer and market employee assistance and wellness programs.   

Voluntary products

A steadily growing area of benefit options includes voluntary products, such as long-term care insurance and critical illness plans.  These are products offered by the employer but paid for by the employee.  We can help identify, manage and market these types of programs for your organization.

Group Benefit Services

We offer a comprehensive set of benefit management options that can be designed to meet your specific needs efficiently and cost effectively. Whether its managing one specific service or providing total support, Zuk Financial Group fits seamlessly into your benefits administration. Large or small, local or national, fully insured or self-funded, Zuk has the flexibility to meet the benefit needs of your company. And as you change, Zuk is right there to change with you.
Our services include:
Medical plans administration: Claims management and processing of fully or partially self-funded health plans.
Dental plans administration: Claims management and processing of self-funded dental plans – traditional and PPO. 
Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO): PPO arrangements offer medical and dental plans a network of preferred providers in which discounts and provider practice criteria bring substantial savings. Plan designs are written to give incentives to members seeking care from PPO providers.  
Life insurance plans: Administration of group life insurance plans such as basic employee group term life and various elective employee, spouse and child(ren) options.
Short-term disability insurance plans: Management and administration of short-term disability insurance plans for self-funded and fully insured programs. Full claims processing and advice to pay options.
Long-term disability insurance plans: Management and marketing of long-term disability insurance plans including management of existing plans, new plan development, enrollment activities, plan documents, claims and accounting services.
Flexible benefit plans: We install comprehensive Flex Benefit Administration as an integrated or stand alone option. Services include underwriting, design, implementation, legal documents, testing, 5500s, enrollment, communication, Section 125/129/132 direct deposit, auto pay, web access and debit card processing.

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